Go viral with perfect loop Gifs

Loopagain finds all perfect loops in your videos

Go viral in minutes

Loopagain extract all perfect loop Gifs from your video and converts them to a social media shareable format. Just give us the link to your video and our algorithm does the rest. If you don't like the result you can cut out a Gif yourself.

1. Upload your videos

Upload all you videos to Loopagain and process them in the cloud. All uploaded videos are only accessable by you and can not be accessed by others.

2. Get perfect loops

After you have uploaded a video our algorithm will extract all perfect loops from your video. You can use the proposed loop to cut out your GIFs.

3. Cut out GIF

When you found a sequence in your video, either by using a perfect loop or by setting begin and end manually, you can cut out the GIF.

4. Share Gifs easily

With Loopagain you are just one click away from sharing your GIF to any social network.

Promote your Youtube-Videos like Anna

Anna is a popular german fitness coach on Youtube. On her channel ( Fit mit Anna) she presents different types of workouts in which everyone could participate.

Anna uses GIFs to promote her videos on other social media channels, like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Brand Marketing on Social Media

Perfect looped GIFs are optimal for Brand Marketing in social media or in outdoor advertising. People always try to find the beginning and end of each GIFs. The longer they need to search, the longer they watch your advertising.

UEFA Euro 2016 GIFs


Personalized Emojis

Personalized emojis are a perfect fit for every online communication. They help you to express your feeling and put a smile on the face of your audience.

Brands also use them to respond to their customers when something bad has happend.

How to create personalized emojis with Loopagain?


Frequently asked questions

  • How does Loopagain work?

    After you uploaded your video, Loopagain processes the video to find perfect loop Gifs. Next you can select one of the perfect loops and build a GIF. You are also able to set begin and end manually to extract GIFs that aren't perfect loops. Finally you can download the GIF in different formats and share it on social media platforms.

  • How long are the Gifs?

    Loopagain looks for sequences of loops that are between 0.5 and 5 seconds. If you set begin and end manually you can extract a GIF of maximal 10 seconds.

  • Are my videos safe?

    It is not possible to download any video outside your account.

  • My questions was not ask yet. What can I do?

    You can contact us either via social media or by mail: jens (at) [domain-name]