TLDR: Upload a 470px width GIF to and share the link on Facebook.

Sadly, posting a GIF on Facebook is not that easy. If you upload your GIF as normal image, it will not be animated. To post a animated on Facebook you need to upload the GIF to another webservice and share the Link on Facebook. We use as a service to host our GIFs. Another requirement is that the GIF should not have a width of more than 470 pixel and it must have a minimum size of 200x200px. Otherwise the GIF will not be shown correctly. Here is a step by step intro:

  1. Resize image to maximal 470px width and a minimum of 200x200px. Loopagain does that automatically for you
  2. Login to
  3. Upload the GIF in
  4. Copy the Link from the uploaded file. You need to use the one that ends with “.gif”
  5. Paste the link in Facebook
  6. Send you post


If you still have problems bringing the GIF to Facebook you can use a Debug Tool from Facebook. This tool allows you to remove your current version from the internal Facebook cache and reload the GIF again. You can find the tool here:

Paste the link of your GIF in the input field and click “Fetch new scrape information”. After that you should see a preview of your GIF (not animated) in the section “When shared, this is what will be included”.

Happy sharing!