Personalized emojis are a perfect fit for every online communication. You can use them to express your feelings in private chats or on social media to put a smile on the face of your audience.

In this article we show you how easily you can create your own personalized emoji GIFs and impress your friends.

Make a plan

The first thing you need to do is to create a list of emojis you want to record of yourself. Think about your most common feeling you have while communicating online, like laughing, crying, clapping or rolling your eyes. You should come up with a list of a few emojis very fast. For further inspiration you can also have a look at popular GIF platforms, like For additional inspiration you can also have a look at my Instagram account. I publish a lot of my GIFs there. Here is an example:

Get your gear

After you made a plan of all emojis that need to be recorded you need to get your camera gear. In general every camera that is able to record videos should work, whether it is your smartphone, a cheap digitial camera or a DSLR camera. We normally use a DSLR camera for our videos because the quality is a little bit better. However, we also recorded our first videos with a cheap digital camera.

One thing we really want to recommend is to use a tripod for your camera. If you don’t have a tripod you can put your camera in a place where it is not moving. Especially, if you use your smartphone or a simple digital camera you should not record yourself while you or someone else is keeping the camera in hands. In generel we made the experince that videos recorded with a tripod result in much better GIFs.

Depending on your camera gear, it is also recommended to have another person with you. This person can control the camera while you can focus on your emoji.

(a picture of our first GIF shooting)

Record yourself

Now that you have planned your emojis and setup your camera gear you can start recording your emojis. We made the experience that it is useful to record the same emoji multiple time just to make sure you have a good shot. Our algorithm will then find the best loop in your video.

It is also very important to focus on the begin and end of the scene. You should make sure that all of your body and all of the background is in the same postion at the begin and at the end. Especially if you are filming outside you should make sure that there are not moving parts in the background. Otherwise the GIF will not be perfectly loop and our algorthim has a hard time to find a good scene.

Extract loops with Loopagain

Finally you just need to upload your recorded video to Loopagain. Our algorithm will then find all emojis. Afterwards you can download your personal emojis for all popular social media platfroms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That’s it!

Emojify yourself!