The GIFs on this page have been created for the UEFA EURO 2016 in France. We will update this page daily with new GIFs.

The UEFA Euro 2016 starts Friday with the opening match France vs. Romania.

Russian roulette is a lethal game of chance: England vs. Russia

One month ago, at the Eurovision Song Contest, 12 points went to Ukraine and 0 points to Germany. Will it be different today?

What do you like more Belgian fries or Italian Pizza?

Ronaldo scores when he wants, Iceland have to stop that! Who will win?

“We can beat them. We need the points.”, said Ermir Lenjani (Albania). What do you think? Leave a comment!

Are you hungry? We have Polish “Krakauer” and German “Weisswurst” on offer. What is your favorite?

Who will lead this dance? The Spanish flamenco dancer or the Turkish dancer?

High five for your team! Who’s gonna win tonight? Leave a comment below!

Which team has got more power: Switzerland or France? Leave a comment!

Ability or illusion? - Leave a comment if Slovakia or England will win today’s game?

Put your hands up in the air for Northern Ireland versus Germany! Who is your favorite?

Friends don’t let friends drink alone! Who is your best friend? Leave a comment!

Stay tuned for more GIFs!